frequently asked questions

What are your rates/prices?

Determining precise rates for a project depends on various details and requirements, making it challenging to provide a definite price without discussing the project fully with our client. Each project is unique, and numerous factors can influence the overall cost. Nevertheless, I can offer some guidelines to help you understand our pricing structure.

  • For filming, our base rate starts at £200 per day, encompassing all equipment utilized throughout the day, including drones and lighting if needed.
  • In contrast, animation and post-production services come with significantly lower costs due to reduced travel and equipment requirements, priced at approximately £15 per hour.
  • Voiceover artists can be sourced from various platforms, typically costing around £50 for 300 words (equivalent to a 3-minute video) with complete broadcasting rights. If the video won't be used for public or advertising purposes, skipping broadcasting rights can lead to a reduction in cost.
  • Script writing is relatively inexpensive, as it is a less time-consuming aspect of the process.

  • You will find our prices are much less than our competitors, This does not mean the quality of our work is of a lower standard. Our pricing structure is designed to be competitive while maintaining high-quality work. We don't rely on a full crew akin to a movie set or television studio. The majority of our projects are executed by a compact team of one or two individuals. We cater specifically to small to medium-sized brands seeking to enhance their online presence.

    Norfolk and Suffolk Video Production, Norfolk Video Production, Suffolk Video Production

    How long does it take to produce a video?

    Typically, upon completing the filming phase, our goal is to deliver the finalized video within a week. Animated videos or those crafted from stock footage usually require a week or less from the commencement of the project. In the event that unforeseen circumstances may extend this timeframe, we commit to notifying you well in advance. Additionally, we are adept at accommodating tight deadlines when availability allows.

    Throughout the post-production process, we prioritize client involvement. Regular updates are shared, and we actively seek your feedback to ensure every aspect of the video aligns with your vision and integrates seamlessly with your brand. Communication is facilitated through platforms like Zoom, WhatsApp, or other social media channels where we can share work-in-progress videos. It's crucial to note that efficient communication between us and the client plays a pivotal role in meeting expected timelines, and any lapses in communication may contribute to project delays. Keeping this in mind will help us collectively ensure a timely and successful project completion.

    If you would like to ask any other questions, please feel free to email or phone us